Howdy fellow bloggers!

I have created this site as a sort of lifestyle management program in order to benefit myself, as well as others. I have found that I am losing a daily routine in my life and need something to hold myself more accountable. For this reason, I have created a daily blog/vlog that will (hopefully) help me get back on track. Below, I have laid out three specific goals in which I will strive to live by each day of the week (Monday through Friday). The goals include:

1. Ride my bike to school VS. driving to school
2. Eat the food I have/prepare at home VS. eating out/fast food
3. Wake up before or at 9 AM

Each day, I will either post a sequence of photos or a video reflecting how well I did or did not follow the three goals listed above. My hopes are that by reporting and recording my activities for myself as well as others to see I will manage to get back on a normal day to day routine. As I progress through the weeks, I will reflect on the factors that are not allowing me to achieve my goals and change my behavior accordingly so. As I discover these limitations, I will be posting articles as well as possible other blogs that will hopefully guide me, as well as others, back on the right path. These could be anywhere from goal setting articles to inspirational quotes, whatever I think will best keep a dedicated and focused mind. I want anyone who is struggling with their goals, or just life in general, to find inspiration and guidance in this site. Alright, let's see what I can do!

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